Pre-move Mechanical Inspection:
We can go through the equipment that you are preparing to move and give you a report of what we recommend to repair or rebuild. Thus maximizing efficiency and making sure that your equipment is ready to work for you when it arrives.
Acquisition of required parts for repairs or up-grades:
If parts are required for any repairs or upgrades we can manufacture or acquire them for you through our vast network of suppliers.
Complete disassembly and reassembly:
We have many years of experience in disassembly and reassembly of press room equipment. We know how to disassemble the equipment efficiently and reassemble setting all tolerances to manufactures and/or industry standards.
With our strategic alliances we have access to equipment and manpower to make any job happen seamlessly.
Budget and Schedule Development:
Let us help you put together a plan to fit your budget and assure that all angles are covered. With our attention to detail we can help to reduce the risk of surprises and budget over run. If you’re trying to schedule a project to fit a window of opportunity or just get an idea of how long a project will take, we can help make sure that every detail is covered in putting together your project timeline.
On-site Supervision Through-out Project:
If you require assistance or just don’t want the headaches of managing a small or large project we can help with our qualified project management team.
Complete Transportation Management:
Arranging transportation on any scale can become a big headache. You can alleviate that pain by allowing us to arrange all of your transportation whether it be Truck, railroad or ship we can help.